Elaine Watts
Watercolourist and Printmaker

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Hello, I just purchased one of your watercolours, of all places, at a Goodwill on the Olympic Peninsula. Precious!
Laura Brook - 24 May 2022
Hello Mrs Elaine i'm captain I'm taking You to fishing un Puerto Vallarta greetings,very nice paintings
José Octavio García cortés - 26 Dec 2018
So lovely to "meet you". Your humility is very apparent. Your work is stunning and inspiring. Hope to meet you some day.
Tammy Cote - 27 Aug 2018
So lovely to chat with you and see your work at the Coquitlam Christmas Art and craft fair. Your paintings are beautiful. Hugs Annice
Annice Hardin Tibando - 6 Dec 2016
We purchased "Winter Birch" from the Penticton Art Gallery under $500 show. Our family really loves the painting. Great website, I enjoyed exploring more of your work.
Michael Johncox - 6 Dec 2015
Great website, so nice to have met you and Wes, lets see you in Aussie. Love the work.
Bev Barton - 11 Jul 2014
Beautiful work!!!
gre meijerink - 6 May 2014
Exquisite and enchanting work. Especially like the Kudu image. Thanks for sharing your work with the world. Can we trade calendars for 2014?
Eha Onno - 4 Jun 2013
I happened across an old e-mail from you while going through my archive, and decided to look you up. Good to see you're still painting!
Marika - 11 Feb 2013
Welcome to Summerland! It's wonderful to have another talented artist in our midst.
Marcia Stacy - 2 Oct 2012
What a great website you have. Your art work is amazing and so is your blog.
Emily - 29 Sep 2012
great whale pics thanks Elaine, you so very lucky to have been in the right place at the right time...Greg Ross, Quadra Island
greg ross - 8 Aug 2012
Great to have crossed your paths on Kilimanjaro.. love reading your blog and hope too see you both again in the future
Greg Lacey - 30 Jun 2012
Elaine, what a website. Congratulations to a BSSSS girl !
Nancy Juzak-Gomm - 26 Jun 2012
Checking out the web site. Your photography is wonderful. Sending a big Hug.
Sharon Young - 20 Apr 2012
Good-day Went to Chimo Pool today, Coquitlam and missed you! Love your blog. Looking forward to your next post. Hugs
Sharon Young - 3 Jan 2012
I love you webpage and your beautiful paintings. So many beautiful images
Dani J - 13 Dec 2011
Hi Elaine, I really thought your blog/website was wonderful. I loved and enjoyed all your water colours and beautiful paintings.I hope Wes enjoyed Australia as much as you do, he certain arrived when it was a scorcher.
Jenni Little - 13 Jun 2011
Great to be able to check out your website Elaine. Thanks for the link. Also lovely to catch up with you at Alan and Sue's, and talk about our respective art forms. I'm happily back at home in Perth now and will be thinking of you all at lunch on Thursday. Hope you make it to the West some time. There will always be a bed here for you and you can sit out on my deck and enjoy the view of the bush, watch the kangaroos and listen to the birds. Happy travelling x
Christina McDonald - 31 Jan 2011
It is a delight to read your blog (horrible expression!) and experience, second hand, all that you have done over the past year or so. Particularly like the paintings with water reflections. I can see you as an R.A. yet - exhibiting at the, wait for it, Royal Academy (got it right at last!). I can lay claim to knowing a famous artist. At last the Watts' are coming out and producing a famous daughter!!!!! Good on yer mate! Lots of love, Alan & Ethne xxx
Alan Chater - 27 Jan 2011
Hello!Just wanted you to know that I visited your website; that I wish I was there & that I have been thinking of you. Hope you are having lots of fun - wish I could come along with Wesley!!!!!! Beck XXXXOOOOOO
Becki - 25 Jan 2011
Lucky me, with your poinciana tree in my bedroom, makes me go zoom! Glad you are having a blast in OZ! ENJOY... we miss you at the pool!
christine mackenzie - 24 Jan 2011
Fabulous new painting, Elaine. You are very talented person full of surprises...you just keep getting better and better!
Don Vinish - 13 Oct 2010
Gr8 website Elaine. Love all the paintings, esp. the one of Shelley. Please come to Toronto, my koipond needs some paint(ing)!
Mary Ellen Keogh - 28 Sep 2010
well who would have thunk it, blogging?? lol,. Seriously it's very good, thanks for sharing.
Liane - 6 Sep 2010
You are indeed a magician, my aquatic buddy! I love "My Heart Still", what a heartfelt remembrance... xoxo
Christine MacKenzie - 17 Aug 2010
Elaine: "Wow" you are multi-talented that's for sure. In high school I thought you would be a doctor or lawyer. I am not finished browsing but wanted to send you a note. Take care. Marina
Marina Hanuse - 6 Aug 2010
Absolutely awesome Elaine ! You never cease to impress me.
Mike Fowler - 18 Jul 2010
It astounds me the creativity you put into your life. Ours is enriched and goes on and spreds through you. Your painting of Shelley that you're working on, and the name you've given it will help us all in dealing with that tragedy. Thanks. I have the original snap shot.
Claire Wilson, Mum for short. - 15 Jul 2010
What can I say now? The girl is going from strength to strength even creating fresh sites on line too. The mind boggles - how far will she travel; will she reach the Royal Acamedy (spelt correctly this time too!)? I eagerly await the future. 'Good on yer mate!'
Alan Chater - 12 Jul 2010
Hi Elaine, Great website and beautiful paintings! Congratulations!
Beverley Bradford - 12 Jun 2010
Elaine great web site. There is a great deal of energy coming from this site which is coming from you. You're up to something big! Well done and continued success to you. Terry
Terry Medd - 12 Jun 2010
That is fantastic Elaine did you do it yourself or is it as professional as it seems. Well done
janine watts - 12 Jun 2010
Love 'Tello's Lotus' - your website is nicely laid out- look forward to seeing more work.
faith - 11 Jun 2010
Well, well, well! Such hidden talent has at last blossomed. You done good gal! I shall watch your progress with much interest. Roll on the Royal Acamady in London. Lots of love from your cousin, Alan
Alan Chater - 11 Jun 2010
I love "Reaching for a Star". who would have figured you had this talent hidden all these years!
Patti Olson - 10 Jun 2010
HOT DAMN! You continue to leave me in a state of Awe! Let the rabble drag their chains, the Artist is free.
dave clark - 7 Jun 2010
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