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(posted on 8 Nov 2021)



Hello everyone, it's been a while and the world has changed, hasn't it?

I hope you are all making the best of these times, such as they are. Perhaps this is my generation's world war. Certainly we have been fortunate to live in prosperous, healthy and relatively peaceful times and places, and so the last 20 months have been a bit of a shock. That the pandemic has impacted us for so long, and in so many unimaginable ways, has been even more stunning. And that it continues still, and likely will, until we can get global solutions in place, is confronting to our confidence in thinking we know it all.

But I digress from the general tone and purpose of my blogs, which is to keep you posted about my work and have you thinking about art, instead of the state of the world! 

I'm pleased to be able to invite those of you in the Vancouver area to the Coquitlam Christmas Craft sale which will resume, after last year's cancellation, on December 3-5. Same place on Poirier, Friday night 4-9, Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-4. I'll be bringing lots of new work and hope to reconnect in person with many of you!

I am in the middle of a year long, 52 lesson online course in encaustic painting, which is working with beeswax to paint, collage, embed objects, and mix with other mediums. It's very versatile and with 26 fabulous instructors from around the world, you can only imagine the variety of styles I've been exposed to. One of the instructors embeds her photos in wax and I thought I would reimagine my Faerie Woods image into wax. The pieces below are the result and I will have some for sale in December. They are 6x6" squares on a panel, $50 each. I like them and may try bigger pieces in this style. 








I've also been doing a lot of plein air painting in the beautiful Okanagan. Some of the watercolour and ink paintings made it into the 2022 calendar and some have sold already. This one, From June near Osoyoos, at Nk'Mip Winery, is one of my favourites. 


And I've also been doing my regular life drawing practise--during the early days of the pandemic online direct from Barcelona, which had the most amazing models and started off each session with 5 one-minute poses, then 10 3 minute poses, then 5 5 minute poses. You learn to draw VERY quickly with that kind of intensity--not to mention that the models can do the most amazing poses when they only need to hold them for 1 minute!

I was happy to get back to our live sessions (2 minute, 5 minute and 20 minute poses) once the vaccinations started to allow gathering in person. This drawing below is one that I'm happy with. I called it "Standing Strong".

Lest you think all I did during the absence of blogs was art, I'll let you know that I had a huge creative project on the go from the moment we finally (after numerous booked, cancelled, rebooked, ad nauseam flights) returned from Australia in late March, 2020. The foundations for our new house were in the works and during our 14 day quarantine we were able to watch the house come out of the ground, and it became a great project to concentrate on when we were unable to travel, meet with friends, or do any normal activities. We moved in just over a year ago but of course the outside finishing still needed to be done, so as the pandemic continued this year we still had lots to keep creatively busy.

The new house is right next to the original house, and I maintained my studio, which is again open "by arrangement or by chance ", in its same location. In the long term I will move it into a space above the new garage but perhaps that will wait for a few years.

That's about all the news for now. I have a few other Christmas shows on my calendar: in Summerland at the Arts Centre, starting this Friday, November 12; a piece juried into the Peachland Artists of the Okanagan from November 20 to January 23; a fun Winter Market in Kaledon November 20, in a friend's garage; and 3 paintings in the Penticton Art Gallery's Under $500 Sale, until Christmas. That's enough to keep me out of trouble...I think!

We sure hope to get travelling again soon. I'm missing my beloved Australia and hope that I can return there in February. I hope you are all well and that I can reconnect with you in person sometime soon. 


(posted on 22 Jan 2020)

As I post from sunny Australia, I am thinking about the decade to come. Will it be another "Roaring Twenties"?  Who will still be here at the change of the next decade, and who will we be missing? These are things I sometimes think about as I get older. As you may know from previous years, I have a theme that I work from for the year and for 2020 I have landed upon "Designing the Future".

We have just got the approval to move ahead with our long-awaited subdivision and build a smaller house (and studio) that we hope will serve us for the next 30 years (or more? Best not to take too much for granted!)  The house design has been ready for ages while we paid for the extensive work and inspections required to get a lot registered. Hopefully the next approval stage won't be so lengthy!

With designing in mind I registered for a week-long Silversmithing and Jewellry design class--my first foray into this kind of three dimensional work. I found it very exacting and precise (not my forte, you might know!) But with a lot of help from the tutors and a more skilled classmate I managed to complete these beautiful pieces.

I think I may go back again next year to improve my skills--my big accomplishment by Day 2 was to be able to turn on and adjust the torch, safely and unsupervised (I kid you not!) There were so many tools, techniques and things to learn about that I needed to be put back to simpler work (ie the ring without the stone), which I preferred anyway!

Back to my stronger suit--painting and printmaking! Last year I was inspired by a collography course with UK artist Sarah Ross Thompson, and her gorgeous work, and upon returning to Canada completed a number of collographs. As I age I find my body and mind show more signs of weakness but hopefully this is offset by increasing artistic skill and vision!

Here are a few collographs I am pleased with.

Entitled "FLICK OFF", I made this as a demo for the Federation of Canadian Artists that I joined in 2019. Cards are available if you have a special someone you want to send it to 😉!


I was delighted to have my best year ever for sales at my Coquitlam Christmas sale, and will be there again in 2020. I will again participate locally in the Ryga Festival--my piece below included related quotes from many of his works as a response to my designated inspirational cue titled "The Protector".

I will be planning (Designing and executing!) some larger works as I have been selected for a 4 month show on the large and long wall of our local credit union starting in September. This is a great opportunity and I have some time, and now some ideas, about subject matter and medium.

As usual, I continue to love painting Wednesday night's with the life drawing artists at Shatford Centre in Penticton.  What a great bunch of people!

It's not all nudes--on nights when the model doesn't show the artists draw one another--here's one of my friends striking a pose for me. I do love my ink and watercolour!

Well, that's where I've gotten to in designing my near and long term future. I must keep in mind that if I intend to last another 30+ years that I need to keep designing my body and mind to last that long. What about you--any designs have you got for your future, and how do they play out? 

(posted on 16 Nov 2018)

How fast does time fly? And how long is a piece of string? (An expression I heard in Australia that has no answer, I believe, but I like it!)

I'm busy getting ready for the Coquitlam Christmas Craft Sale as usual,

 Hope to see you there where a few new pieces will have their first showing. Not to reveal too much, but I have a couple of mermaids similar to this painting below which was sold in the "Inspired By" show in August.

I had a lovely piece of writing to respond to in a painting, about two special friends sharing ice cream.  The mermaids popped into the painting as a result of seeing the fabulous fountain at Catherine the Great's Summer Palace in Petershof, Russia. There were a couple of golden mermaids blowing horns to warn, or perhaps lure sailors, and I knew I could put my own twist on them. The baseball hat was my addition too.

Here's the fountain!









What a fabulous trip to the Baltic/Scandinavian countries it was. And I was glad to have found that inspiration for painting, as well as doing lots of sketching in Normandy and Brittany before the cruise started.



Do you recognize this place? (I hope so, as an artist, if you've been to the most recognizable Mont Saint Michel, a thousand year old pilgrimage site surrounded by quicksand.



We spent a day there at very low tide, and it was so photogenic, and striking. More paintings to come--if you want to commission one from me I'd be delighted!







And then there was one of my life's highlights--painting in Monet's garden in Giverny. At least I painted until I was reprimanded and told it was forbidden to paint there--who would have thought? Luckily I was allowed to finish this painting (which is already sold...sorry☺)...I do have another couple framed for the show as I had managed to sketch and paint a few more before I was caught..lol as they say! Again, I'm happy to take commission work on this subject matter and already have one on the drawing board!

How special to be there, one of my dreams as an artist!

So, with that I will carry on preparations. 2019 calendars are selling fast at $12.50, same format as last year. There are 3 Monet-like paintings included, and a variety of pieces completed in the last year. Get me to put one aside for you if you want one.

Until next time, I'm dreaming of painting in Giverny

(posted on 8 May 2018)

Spring has finally sprung in the Okanagan Valley and I've been hard at work since returning to Canada. I think time goes by faster as I get older. And I do feel older, having celebrated a milestone birthday (at a most lovely spot in the world, a place you've likely never heard of, Australia's Lord Howe Island. At the risk of letting out a big secret and spoiling the charm of a place with only 300 residents and 400 tourists allowed at any time, I encourage you to check it out!)

But 60 has nothing compared to my mom at 90, so I'm just going to carry on and hope I'm as healthy as her at that age! Here she is two years ago at 88 and she doesn't look much different now


Meanwhile there are a number of exhibitions I'm preparing for including "2 From Trout Creek". 

Come on out to the reception, or to the show in the 6 weeks it's open!

This painting will be at the show:

During the opening I'm exhibiting at one of the gardens in the biannual Summerland Garden Tour on Saturday, June 23. The Devine Art Group, of which I am a member, the Summerland Ornamental Gardens, and a selection of beautiful local gardens are open for this benefit for the Quest Society, improving quality of life for the deaf and hearing impaired.

At the time this is going on we are working on designing and building a new home, and preparing for a 3 week European trip including 2 days in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Yes, I'm going to see The Hermitage (as well as a lot of other lovely places in what is reputed to be a most beautiful cities)!

After that I have one more art challenge to prepare for. Our local Arts Council, in conjunction with the local George Ryga Festival (in its 3rd year), are putting on a display of art work paired with writing. I have submitted one painting, and a writer will be assigned this painting to write about--poetry, essay, story, whatever they like. In return, I have been assigned a lovely bit of writing (dare I share it with you yet? I think not) to paint. Set aside some time between August 28 and October 5 to view this exhibition. I guarantee you it'll be fabulous!

That's it for now, until next blog...



(posted on 22 Jan 2018)

From this


To this.

Well, actually the sheep in Australia aren't usually that white and fluffy but I've learned a new definition of the word "graphic" as it applies to collage. It means, according to a wonderful artist and tutor, Denise Vanderlugt, to keep things as minimal as possible--just shapes, outlines, instantly recognizable symbols (that are hopefully easy to cut out and glue--my editorial comment!). 

For example, this gum tree trunk and branch are graphic as well 

So beautiful--i might have a go at painting this soon!

The Christmas sales ended off the year of "Believe" on a strong note and I am contemplating 2018's theme. We are working on a project to subdivide a lot off our property and build ourselves a new and smaller house and studio. For someone with pioneering, exploring and travel-loving nature it is a bit counterintuitive to be thinking about designing and creating a "forever" home so I've been toying with how to work a year on that theme, and having others inspired to think about what exactly is home. Maybe you'll supply me with some great ideas! Ive landed on "@Home and Away"-- as of course, you might guess that I definitely have more travel plans for the year!

Soon I will be finished with my 50s so will be spending a celebratory  week on World Heritage listed Lord Howe Island. As I look back on the last 10 years, I note they have been amazing and fun, starting with gaining my Australian citizenship, having a hip replacement, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on said hip in one of two trips to Africa, departing the Lower Mainland and moving to Summerland, establishing my website and studio, visiting Australia each year, going to Greece, Scotland, New Zealand, Germany, France, driving across Canada for 3 months, and making lots of new friends,  and seeing nieces and nephews taking hold of their lives.

It has been wonderful and so I say "bring on the 60s!"

All the best to you and yours for a fantastic 2018!

(posted on 30 Nov 2017)

Hello everyone

Just a quick note to advise those who don't follow me on Facebook that I have 2 Christmas shows upcoming. One starts tomorrow

in Coquitlam, as you may note!


The next is in Kelowna, next weekend, December 9 and 10th

I'd be delighted to see you at either one, if you're in the area!


I have some new work to show, the Winter birches are selling very well (4 in the last month!) So I painted the second biggest one yet and it will be at its first show tomorrow, all framed up!


A quick look at some other new work:

This watercolour called "Hugs" is now framed and I've just had cards made for sale, $3.50 for small cards, $4.50 for 5" x 7".


It's of a friend's daughters on their local beach

just north of Sydney.  They are gorgeous girls!


Another Sydney bushland scene--watercolour and Ink, from a day I had with a drawing friend who was born in Sydney, but has lived in the Okanagan for decades, and returns to Australia for 3 months each year (like me!)


And one last taste of my year (when I wasn't blogging and keeping you updated with my escapades:


I spent two weeks on the Greek island of Skopelos, doing an amazing photopolymer printmaking course with master Australian printmaker Diane Longley. Although the above print was a different printmaking technique, I include it here to show you a bit of the work I did channeling mermaids during the course. This one was from a little cardboard plate, printed onto gold Chine colle tissue paper, very delicately!  I do love my mermaids and also made some art with "The Sirens of Skopelos".

If you are interested in learning more about printmaking, at the same time as having a fabulous holiday on the island where Mamma Mia was filmed (and Mamma Mia II is about to be filmed), check out Skopelos Works on Paper for their next year's course offerings. They gave me one of the most incredible 2 week art experiences of my life!

So, that is all for now, the year of "Believe" is almost over and I find to that hard to believe. Lots of great travels from Australia, to Canada, to Greece, Germany, Switzerland and Nice, back to Canadian Rockies and then to Ontario's Muskoka cottage country to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. Hope your year has been as good, wherever you have been, and that I see you somewhere or another soon!



(posted on 9 Mar 2017)

Welcome to Australia, day 1 on the side of the road in the town I was visiting!

Great to be in the Land Down Under and immersing myself in summertime. I have been busy, creating paper out of natural plant materials and making a little sample book of the various papers. I have more to use in block printing, chine colle and collage. Possibly may paint but they are quite textured as well as fragile to water and ink so block printing may be the best.

AlAlong the road I also attached a great exhibition called "Nude", from the Tate Gallery in London, which was showing at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney. As a life drawer/painter, I was particularly interested in how classical painters integrated their works into shows, and the history of how nude works were accepted into society. The sculptural pieces in this exhibition were particularly beautiful (well, for the most part--there were some shockers included too!) My favourite piece was this beautiful Rodin sculpture, "The Kiss", which had not left Europe before this show.

Along the way I've done a few other bits of painting myself, including this ink and watercolour vista of a bushland Aussie scene that I am pleased with.

And i always try to seek out artists in their studios, so was pleased to have a tour of Bundanoon potter Bruce Pryor's expansive studio and see the huge woodfired kiln he built in it.

He actually crawls to the back with his pieces, fills the kiln (about twice a year), then builds the fire at the front of it, and bricks up the front while he is firing.

Amazing the work that goes into creating beautiful pieces!

There are a couple of pieces of exiting news--while traveling I am making preparations for an exhibition opening April 6 in the Summerland Arts Centre, its first show since moving last May. I will have about 5 paintings there with The De Vine Art Group, and you are invited to opening night 7 pm Thursday April 6 if in the area. The show will be on until early May. Currently I also have a few paintings hanging in the Summerland Council Offices, which is a new venue for me.

Most exciting however is my next trip to the Greek island of Skopelos for a printmaking workshop with Australian Dianne Longley, who pioneered solar etching. Greece has always been on my bucket list so to combine it with this workshop is an amazing opportunity!

Well, that's it for this edition -hope all is well in your world and will post another blog in a couple of months.Signing off, as a supporter of the arts!

(posted on 15 Jan 2017)

Happy new year to you all, wherever you may be in the world, in your life, in virtual or other reality. Hard to believe we are well into January and I am in my "other life" Down Under.

Happy to see my beloved gum trees (Snow Gums, above, was sold after a Christmas show) rather than winter birches!

Already I have seen 39 degrees, torrential rain, a mini tornado and two weeks of struggle against a particularly strong cold which has hampered my attendance and energy for a papermaking course last week, as well as my enjoyment of arriving into summertime. Still, after last year's theme of "A Year of Adventure" I am happy to be on the road again.

I wanted to show you the beautiful photo by neighbour Elizabeth Wrobel, of the beautiful art installation at its best, produced for the Summerland Arts Council by artist Sophia Zang and myself along with a cast of many!) It was a fine way to light up the dark days of winter for anyone passing by.

Part of the illumination in my mind was about my theme for this year--"Believe". A simple word, perhaps a bit abstract, and subject to the inclinations of the individual. Somehow this idea came to me, as they do, in the depths of winter, looking at the year to come in the aftermath of some wild and crazy world events. How to make sense of all of this? Where will these international upheavals take us? Sometimes it's hard to believe in positive futures, in a positive life, that we can find our way, our best self, good solutions, gain some power and momentum in this unpredictable era. And yet, underneath, I still have faith (one type of belief, perhaps without lots of immediately compelling evidence!) that we humans can find a way. And as individuals, if we examine our own beliefs and find ones that serve us well, affirm our own worth and direction, those beliefs are the ones worth holding onto, affirming, strengthening.

I was pleased to read President Obama's speech in Chicago, as in his closing remarks he also expressed the idea of believing being a powerful force . It is a challenge to maintain constructive beliefs and not fall into the hole of negative ones, under pressure, I have noted recently --when I'm not feeling well, when there is adversity, bad things happening--but perversely those times are the most valuable to hold on. "This time too will pass", or, "one day at a time" are other annual themes that friends have settled on. Have you got a sense of a theme for yourself for 2017? Let me know!

So, back to the

Here's a piece of plant-based hand-made paper, molded against a sign, that I made at Bellingen 's amazing Camp Creative last week. I have a good selection ready to use for collage, printing, and mixed media work going forward. Here's a page from my sample book that I quickly stitched together myself on the last morning, with a mold/stamp I also made yself printed on top.

I loved learning more about the process of papermaking, since I do love working on paper. You can see the texture, the fibres and natural colour of the top sheets, accented by the pulp-based handmade orange paper which is also part of the bound book I made.

However this rough natural paper is not suitable for my watercolour work, and only the smoothest is good for printmaking, a little of the thin ones will apparently work for chine college, so using these pieces may be my creative challenge this year. I must believe I will find a way!

Cheers to you all, I hope you've had a healthier start to the year than I have, and that you are cooking up something wonderful for yourself and for the world!

(posted on 20 Nov 2016)

"Snow Day"--which thankfully hasn't happened yet--is one of the new cards I've had printed in preparation for the 3 Christmas sales I'm exhibiting in over the next few weeks. How the time flies, in November, and particularly this year. As well as doing an extra sale, my first in Kelowna December 10 and 11 (see my event page for details), I'm very excited to be working on the first art installation by Summerland Arts Council, with my friend, artist Sophia Zang, who came up with the theme after I realized that we had outdoor space that could make a big statement about our presence in a new building. Here's the poster--if you're in the area come by and see it!

I never thought I'd be an installation artist but after arranging for 99 palletizing apple bins to be delivered and stacked in blocks, here's a look at the start of the project:!

We are busy wrapping all these stacks with ribbons and lights, and all will be unveiled this Friday, November 25, at 5 pm. Come on out until December 25th!

This project has bumped my own artwork onto the back burner, although I have been fitting some life drawing into my schedule and was very happy with this piece, created in the last two weeks.

I have another lovely piece, framed size about 20" x 20", for sale at the Penticton Art Gallery 's "Under $500 Sale" til December 24th.

I was really happy to sell two pieces there last year so hope for more of the same. And as a bonus, if you go you can see a fantastic show of my favourite BC watercolourist, Toni Onley, on til January 15, 2017. I have been waiting 4 years to see his work, part of the Penticton Art Gallery s collection, and I was not disappointed!

This is a busy season for artists, and I am no exception -people are looking at art for themselves or as gifts. I've already sold a large Winter Birch, I'm working on some smaller ones for the shows, as well as a commission, and was happy to see this solar etching "Blowing a Kiss", of my late sister, go to a good home in Germany.

Another exciting little project of the Summerland Arts Council is "The Abandoned Art Project". Small canvas-based panels are made into works of art by any members of the public, then they are packaged with information about Summerland and the Arts Council, and "Abandoned " somewhere in the world with an invitation to keep it, pass it on, and let us know what you think on social media. Here's a little piece I painted in acrylic (not my normal medium!) which is going somewhere,,,,maybe near you?

So, I've stopped long enough to catch you up on what I'm up to, and now I'm going to jump back on that treadmill for the next month! I hope to see you somewhere, do come out to any of the events I'm in--Summerland November 25/6, Coquitlam December 2-4, Kelowna's Prospera Place December 10th and 11th! I'd love to see you before I head south til April. And if you want a calendar let me know soon, they are going fast!

I hope you are enjoying life and finding your own inspiration, whether it's the arts in some form, family, community, travels in this beautiful world, or social or health endeavors. Whatever makes a difference for you--in a positive way!

Cheers until next time!

Since my last blog, I feel like that old song, "I've been everywhere, man"--Australia, Hong Kong, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Paris, all over South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and the Okovango Delta, Namibia, Scotland, Nice, and the Rockies. All of thoses highlights and a few lowlights around breaking my ankle stepping into a pothole on the sidewalk in Oodtshoorn, South Africa--which required changing themes for the rest of the long trip, from hiking in Scotland to driving (well, the good husband had to drive from then on) and seeing pubs, castles, islands and Highlands. Such amazing trips! One blog isn't enough to describe it all, there were so many amazing places!

Bar at Kido Lodge, Zululand Rhino Reserve South Africa

The beautiful nyala antelope, Southern Africa

One of the amazing places in the world was the Okovango Delta--if you ever get to Africa make sure it's on your list. We saw 4 leopards in one day, and another one crossed the road in front of us the next morning driving out. Camping on the bank of a creek with elephants going through, hearing hyenas and lions at night, more than made up for the bucket shower (in a private addition to the back of the tent!)

Back to civilization in Nice, France. This plaza is close to the oceanfront Promenade des Anglais where the crowds were mowed down on Bastille Day, just a month after I was there. There was so much security when I was there, in the leadup to the Euro Cup, that it's hard to believe that could have happened. Sometimes the so-called civilized world seems just as scary as places like Africa.

Once home I jumped right into the art again, with two successful garden events seeing my paintings going to new homes in Whitehorse and New Zealand. However I haven't been doing much painting, although I have a few new pieces like this little quail which is screen-printed onto paper dyed with natural plant materials.

And this little collograph went to collectors who are encouraging their grandchildren to become collectors, and starting them with birthday presents every year!

"Blue Moon"

So when I got going on my 2017 calendar I was relieved (as always) to find I had lots of pieces to choose 13 from, for your viewing pleasure. The calendars are here now, $12.50 plus shipping (lower rates for larger quantities).

Hope to hear from you if you want any--they will all be gone by the time I supply repeat customers, new ones from shows who have pre-ordered, and I am doing two big Christmas shows.

My next show will be Saturday October 1, at the Summerland Art Centre for Culture Days, and then I am returning to my favourite Coquitlam Christmas sale December 2-4 (same building as last year, with the happy addition of heating this time!). The very next weekend I was juried into a big show in Kelowna at Prospera Place, December 10 and 11.

Meanwhile I am happy to be back at home, painting with my wonderful Life Drawing group, and creating some new work for the Christmas sales (I feel some more birch trees coming on!)

I'll blog again soon, but if you want to keep more current with what I'm up to you can look at (& like) my facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/eewatts/ . I post new work there fairly regularly and you can see some more travel photos there too.

Until next time, as I named my title painting on the calendar, "Jump On!" and ride the carousel!

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