Elaine Watts
Watercolourist and Printmaker


(posted on 13 Nov 2023)

Definitely it was a year of travel, adventure and exploring anew. I haven't added up the air miles but it started in Australia,  as usual, then over to New Zealand where I painted this lovely place, Mount Maunganui,

after being here:

(Hobbiton, if you don't recognize it!)

Sadly returning to Canada after my mother-in-law passed away unexpectedly, (another exploration of sadness recalling my own mother's passing in 2022), we decided to return to continue the walkabout down under. 

Shortly after returning to Canada in April  we jetted off to Africa for a month of safaris in South Africa and Namibia (exploring anew)

Although no art has been done yet I have oodles of photo references so there will be more animal prints when i find time!

And we had an amazing balloon ride over the Namibian desert

Definitely a lifetime highlight! 

Back to Canada for the summer and in September we went back to Mount Assiniboine and the Canadian Rockies, exploring old and new favorites for 2 whole weeks.

Mount Assiniboine Lodge

Some art was created (above) and many photos taken and I will be attempting to capture this unbelievable day at Lake Louise/Moraine Lake:


And there's more! (Luckily a picture is worth 1000 words or this blog would go on forever!)

In September and October I went off to Paris

biked the Mosel in Germany

and explored the Alsace region of France.

(I do love those carousels! Must paint more!)

Now it's time to get into the routines of the waning year. Calendars are again available--two choices this year as my printing company decided to reinstate the smaller sized ones I had been doing. Customer feedback was so good on the larger ones that I split the order. Which do you prefer? Let me know if you want to order any!

I also ordered a bucketload of new greeting cards so check them out at my studio, Christmas sales, the Summerland Arts Council gift shop and Artisans of the Okanagan in  Summerland. 

And I'm madly preparing for a day in Kaleden next weekend

and for the Coquitlam sale where I expect to be in my usual spot December 1-3

As I said, what a year! Hope you're not worn out from my account,  and I hope to see you out there!