Elaine Watts
Watercolourist and Printmaker


(posted on 16 Nov 2018)

How fast does time fly? And how long is a piece of string? (An expression I heard in Australia that has no answer, I believe, but I like it!)

I'm busy getting ready for the Coquitlam Christmas Craft Sale as usual,

 Hope to see you there where a few new pieces will have their first showing. Not to reveal too much, but I have a couple of mermaids similar to this painting below which was sold in the "Inspired By" show in August.

I had a lovely piece of writing to respond to in a painting, about two special friends sharing ice cream.  The mermaids popped into the painting as a result of seeing the fabulous fountain at Catherine the Great's Summer Palace in Petershof, Russia. There were a couple of golden mermaids blowing horns to warn, or perhaps lure sailors, and I knew I could put my own twist on them. The baseball hat was my addition too.

Here's the fountain!









What a fabulous trip to the Baltic/Scandinavian countries it was. And I was glad to have found that inspiration for painting, as well as doing lots of sketching in Normandy and Brittany before the cruise started.



Do you recognize this place? (I hope so, as an artist, if you've been to the most recognizable Mont Saint Michel, a thousand year old pilgrimage site surrounded by quicksand.



We spent a day there at very low tide, and it was so photogenic, and striking. More paintings to come--if you want to commission one from me I'd be delighted!







And then there was one of my life's highlights--painting in Monet's garden in Giverny. At least I painted until I was reprimanded and told it was forbidden to paint there--who would have thought? Luckily I was allowed to finish this painting (which is already sold...sorry☺)...I do have another couple framed for the show as I had managed to sketch and paint a few more before I was caught..lol as they say! Again, I'm happy to take commission work on this subject matter and already have one on the drawing board!

How special to be there, one of my dreams as an artist!

So, with that I will carry on preparations. 2019 calendars are selling fast at $12.50, same format as last year. There are 3 Monet-like paintings included, and a variety of pieces completed in the last year. Get me to put one aside for you if you want one.

Until next time, I'm dreaming of painting in Giverny