Elaine Watts
Watercolourist and Printmaker


(posted on 8 May 2018)

Spring has finally sprung in the Okanagan Valley and I've been hard at work since returning to Canada. I think time goes by faster as I get older. And I do feel older, having celebrated a milestone birthday (at a most lovely spot in the world, a place you've likely never heard of, Australia's Lord Howe Island. At the risk of letting out a big secret and spoiling the charm of a place with only 300 residents and 400 tourists allowed at any time, I encourage you to check it out!)

But 60 has nothing compared to my mom at 90, so I'm just going to carry on and hope I'm as healthy as her at that age! Here she is two years ago at 88 and she doesn't look much different now


Meanwhile there are a number of exhibitions I'm preparing for including "2 From Trout Creek". 

Come on out to the reception, or to the show in the 6 weeks it's open!

This painting will be at the show:

During the opening I'm exhibiting at one of the gardens in the biannual Summerland Garden Tour on Saturday, June 23. The Devine Art Group, of which I am a member, the Summerland Ornamental Gardens, and a selection of beautiful local gardens are open for this benefit for the Quest Society, improving quality of life for the deaf and hearing impaired.

At the time this is going on we are working on designing and building a new home, and preparing for a 3 week European trip including 2 days in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Yes, I'm going to see The Hermitage (as well as a lot of other lovely places in what is reputed to be a most beautiful cities)!

After that I have one more art challenge to prepare for. Our local Arts Council, in conjunction with the local George Ryga Festival (in its 3rd year), are putting on a display of art work paired with writing. I have submitted one painting, and a writer will be assigned this painting to write about--poetry, essay, story, whatever they like. In return, I have been assigned a lovely bit of writing (dare I share it with you yet? I think not) to paint. Set aside some time between August 28 and October 5 to view this exhibition. I guarantee you it'll be fabulous!

That's it for now, until next blog...