Elaine Watts
Watercolourist and Printmaker

The view from my favourite swimming spot

Queenscliff in Sydney, on the Northern Beaches, with the north end of Manly Beach (actually called North Steyne, I believe) in the background. This view is the one I look at from my favourite rock pool swimming spot in Sydney, Freshwater (alternatively called "Freshie" or Harbord) Beach. I love to sit after my 1.5 km swim in the lap pool and look across to this headland, watching the snorkelers, divers, and those swimmers brave enough to swim across the open water to the other side, while I rest for a bit. A couple of years ago a "small" dead Great White shark floated onto the beach here--they said they had seen it acting a bit funny in the days before so it must have been sick. Ever since then my thoughts of swimming across to the headland and back have been a lot scarier!

Watercolour, approx 11" X 15"