Elaine Watts
Watercolourist and Printmaker

In Monet's Garden

Watercolour and Ink

Appeoximately 10" x 14" unframed

5 x7 cards available, $5

One of my dreams as an artist was to paint in Giverny at the famous Nympheas pond. In July 2018 I was lucky enough to do so, until I was discovered by security who informed me it wasn't allowed, I was supposed to buy a special artist ticket and come after hours (of course c'etait pss possible!). But he kindly allowed me to finish the next smaller painting in the series, and I snuck in a few sketches for further reference before he did, indeed, come back to check my compliance.

The crowds were incredible but they melted away as I got absorbed in capturing the beauty of the grounds. At the risk of adding to the crush I encourage you to go there.