Elaine Watts
Watercolourist and Printmaker

Genie's Dream

Watercolour, ink and metallic ink

Approx 12" X 15" sold

4.5"x6" cards available

Canadian Dollars

This is one of those paintings that starts out abstract and then gets embellished (in great detail here!) I could immediately see the face of the woman, and it seemed she had her arms crossed. She reminded me of the old TV show, "I dream of Jeannie", when the genie named "Jeannie" got angry, crossed her arms, twitched her nose (or was it her ponytail?) and all "H E double hockeysticks" broke loose!

As I continued to work on her, her magic worked on me and first leaves were added, then coiling tendrils, then the wings appeared. Then more wings and more wings! Finally it was time to finish off! I hope you're as charmed by the painting as I am--I've made some little cards of it so will see how they sell. The painting will appeal to the younger crowd as well as (one of my marketing guru friends tells me) someone who does yoga, eats granola, and has a great fantasy life!