Elaine Watts
Watercolourist and Printmaker


(posted on 4 Sep 2013)

Hi everyone! Well, summer is over and fall is here, and pretty soon it will be 2014. Thankfully I have now completed my 2014 calendar order (at least the first shipment!) and they will arrive shortly. They will be the same desktop format as the last few years. Their price: a mere $12.50--same as last year! If you want one, or more, for Christmas gifts, overseas friends (they fold down & mail very easily), let me know!

This year the cover painting is Genies Dream, the same as the current opening page of my website. This painting has got a lot of attention from the younger crowd (maybe you are one!)

It has been a busy summer, and a lovely one, with travel, family, a beautiful new place to explore and live, and lots of art exposure locally, in the Vancouver area, and even internationally. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing what it takes to live the life of an artist successfully. If I take the time to reflect a little, I can see that I continue to make progress, one little step at a time.

I was so pleased to have 7 of my paintings requested for hanging at 8th Generation Winery, just around the corner from my studio. Here they are, hanging above the tasting counter! I had another 3 at the local CIBC in town for the Summerland Art Walk, and my street banner is also hanging on Main Street, just outside the Art Gallery.

Here it is, blowing in the breeze!

I was also pleased to complete my largest commission yet, have another painting head to the Virgin Islands, and pick up a commission of a scene in the Scottish Highlands. Quite the international flavour in those results--and a lot of variety, which I love too.

Meanwhile I participated in a juried show at Minnekhada Park in Coquitlam and was happy to have a few paintings find good new homes, and see some repeat customers.

Now it is back to work for fall art work--there are lots of events on in Summerland this month including the Cultural Days (a pan-Canadian weekend September 28th, with arts events on across the country), the Summerland Garden Tour who have requested paintings to go into their facility for the day, and startup of all those fall activities. As it gets later in the fall we have another Summerland Studio Tour open weekend, November 2 and 3, and then a big sale in Coquitlam for Christmas, November 29, 30 and December 1. Trying to insert a trip back to Ontario might prove difficult--but I think I can do it!

Stay tuned for further printmaking efforts--I have that on my radar as well! Hope you had a great summer and are feeling energized and ready for fall like I am. Before my next posting, maybe you will find a way to exercise your creative spirit too!