Elaine Watts
Watercolourist and Printmaker


(posted on 20 Nov 2016)

"Snow Day"--which thankfully hasn't happened yet--is one of the new cards I've had printed in preparation for the 3 Christmas sales I'm exhibiting in over the next few weeks. How the time flies, in November, and particularly this year. As well as doing an extra sale, my first in Kelowna December 10 and 11 (see my event page for details), I'm very excited to be working on the first art installation by Summerland Arts Council, with my friend, artist Sophia Zang, who came up with the theme after I realized that we had outdoor space that could make a big statement about our presence in a new building. Here's the poster--if you're in the area come by and see it!

I never thought I'd be an installation artist but after arranging for 99 palletizing apple bins to be delivered and stacked in blocks, here's a look at the start of the project:!

We are busy wrapping all these stacks with ribbons and lights, and all will be unveiled this Friday, November 25, at 5 pm. Come on out until December 25th!

This project has bumped my own artwork onto the back burner, although I have been fitting some life drawing into my schedule and was very happy with this piece, created in the last two weeks.

I have another lovely piece, framed size about 20" x 20", for sale at the Penticton Art Gallery 's "Under $500 Sale" til December 24th.

I was really happy to sell two pieces there last year so hope for more of the same. And as a bonus, if you go you can see a fantastic show of my favourite BC watercolourist, Toni Onley, on til January 15, 2017. I have been waiting 4 years to see his work, part of the Penticton Art Gallery s collection, and I was not disappointed!

This is a busy season for artists, and I am no exception -people are looking at art for themselves or as gifts. I've already sold a large Winter Birch, I'm working on some smaller ones for the shows, as well as a commission, and was happy to see this solar etching "Blowing a Kiss", of my late sister, go to a good home in Germany.

Another exciting little project of the Summerland Arts Council is "The Abandoned Art Project". Small canvas-based panels are made into works of art by any members of the public, then they are packaged with information about Summerland and the Arts Council, and "Abandoned " somewhere in the world with an invitation to keep it, pass it on, and let us know what you think on social media. Here's a little piece I painted in acrylic (not my normal medium!) which is going somewhere,,,,maybe near you?

So, I've stopped long enough to catch you up on what I'm up to, and now I'm going to jump back on that treadmill for the next month! I hope to see you somewhere, do come out to any of the events I'm in--Summerland November 25/6, Coquitlam December 2-4, Kelowna's Prospera Place December 10th and 11th! I'd love to see you before I head south til April. And if you want a calendar let me know soon, they are going fast!

I hope you are enjoying life and finding your own inspiration, whether it's the arts in some form, family, community, travels in this beautiful world, or social or health endeavors. Whatever makes a difference for you--in a positive way!

Cheers until next time!