Elaine Watts
Watercolourist and Printmaker


(posted on 1 Nov 2015)

How did it get to be November already? (I'm sure you are asking the same question!) I'm busy getting ready for the last few showings of the year, having done well at both DeVine Arts and the 20 Minutes Max show at the Summerland Art Gallery (sold two pieces--and one of them someone else came back to buy but it was already gone!)

This piece is still available...if you're into figure work! I've been a little surprised at how many people are, to tell the truth. When I started doing the life drawing (as they call it) I wondered if it was actually saleable but having sold about a half dozen pieces in the 10 months I've had them available I was pleasantly surprised! And it is definitely challenging to capture the pose in the maximum 20 minutes available. As a bonus, the group of artists itself is very talented, and fun, and that makes it all worthwhile.

But, no time to rest on laurels, there are two shows this month (listed on my Events page) and the big Coquitlam Christmas sale in early December to prepare for, as well as a commission to complete and send to Ottawa in time for the new owner to wrap and gift, and a Christmas Card contest to paint for. I'm also working on a few more Birch Tree paintings--fall, winter, spring. And today I tried a new form of art--some pottery quail ornaments that will be available for customers of the Summerland Art Gallery's Seasons Sparkles sale, opening November 27, at the town's "Lightup Night". The potters group encouraged me to come back next week and do some 3D sculptural work...so I just might!

Between times, I have been working on behalf of the Summerland Community Arts Council on various events and forward-planning, including my first stint as a jury member for 2016 exhibitions at the Summerland Art Gallery. I was honoured to be asked, and the process itself was most interesting as well as educational. The caliber of submissions was excellent, as was the discussion around what type of shows would be best suited to the mission of the gallery-- Promoting and Facilitating Awareness and Appreciation of the Arts in Summerland, BC. This meant, to the panel, including a variety of work that could be edgy, could have local interest or participation, and stimulating discussion within the community. It made me think a lot more about what I do when I'm writing and submitting proposals for shows, and collecting a body (or bodies, given my variety of styles and subjects) of my own work to put forward.

This experience also has me looking at the shows and openings I attend with a new eye, and appreciation for both artists and curators who manage the presentations at public art galleries. Which leads to another experience I had, attending at long last a talk by "The Jealous Curator" who happens to be a local writer/blogger/artist named Danielle Krysa. Having found out a couple of years ago she is a local, I have missed several opportunities to meet her and hear about what she's up to (oh, that travel schedule I keep!) so was delighted that our paths aligned last week. She is a mover and shaker so I've signed up to keep track of what she's up to in the lead-up to her 3rd book, to be published next year. Very funky, straightforward passion for the art she likes, and a great speaker if you ever get the chance (she speaks internationally!). Her last book, "Creative Block" about getting unstuck, along with 50 artists, was sold out at the New York MOMA so that might tell you how good it was! You can check her out on-line at www.thejealouscurator.com/blog. A New Artist every day!

Just a reminder, my 2016 desk calendars are again available, a new piece of art for $1 each month. They are going fast so if you want me to set any aside for you let me know!

Now, that's about enough from me as I need to get back to work! Enjoy the last months of 2015!