Elaine Watts
Watercolourist and Printmaker


(posted on 4 Feb 2014)

I'm almost at the northern apex of my walkabout this year--Bundaberg without the floods of 2013. Tomorrow I will head a little further north to the town of 1770 (named because Captain Cook was there that year) and hoping to get out to the most southern Great Barrier Reef Island, Lady Musgrave, but not hopeful as the winds are very strong and the boat has been cancelled all week. Not to worry, I'm sure it will be a great visit and at least this year I've seen the loggerhead sea turtles hatching at Mon Repos, a famous turtle research station just east of Bundaberg. I visited here over 10 years ago with my husband and we thought the (then) $5 fee to watch a sea turtle laying her eggs at night was the best bargain of all time. The price of $12.50 now is equally as reasonable! Photographs are very restricted as the light can affect the navigational GPS of the turtles and their willingness to come onshore and lay so I only got a couple of photos of the little guys on my phone and will try to upload them soon.

Meanwhile I've been doing a little art--sketching the fabulous 100 year old Moreton Bay fig trees outside the place I stay, and doing a bit of ink and watercolour of my favourite gum trees--but nothing to put up at this time. I've been reprising the printmaking course and thinking about how to present some ideas when I get back to Canada.

I've been told I need to get a very big roller to put these lovely colour rolls on--at a cost of $800+, so will have to look at sourcing some more supplies. Anyone know some printmakers that may have some items like that for sale? Or a good printmaking supply shop in Canada?

Here's another of the prints I made using a cicada wing--both in the etching process of the plate, and as an additional colour in the print itself.

I have a couple of artist visits to make too, as a result of the Camp Creative printmaking course. Soon I will be checking out a friend's printmaking studio in Noosa, and a Printmaking group in Sydney called Warringah Printmakers group, and another friend's studio 200 km southwest of Sydney. Finally there's a art gallery in Melbourne to visit when I get back there in March! Hopefully will get an art day in at least one of those spots--meanwhile I am satisfied with working on my own.

That's about all the news for now, signing off from Queensland!