Elaine Watts
Watercolourist and Printmaker


Time for another update--as we enter the last quarter of the year. I wonder if it's working for you that I only blog monthly--there are so many people who do daily (short) blogs, and weekly (longer) blogs. Do let me know--I have had lots of positive feedback on my infrequent postings and really, I'd rather be painting and creating art than writing! (That said, I do practise--and I mean PRACTISE in that a) a lot of it is not worth more than clearing my head & b)I don't do it every day, as recommended by some schools of thought--journalling a few pages most days...well, maybe 4-5 days per week!) I always was resistant to authority, although in younger years my resistance was well under cover! Where do you fall on the "compliance with directions" scale?

In the last quarter I've been painting lots. Some of it, however, is the house-painting kind--back stairs and deck, and inside into the ensuite bathroom. It took 4 coats to cover the stencilled ivy that the previous owners had put around the top of every wall! Now I'm just about finished tiling and grouting the backsplash and the room will be complete.

Other paintings are coming along nicely--I've completed another winter birch in watercolour and ink, and sold the summer birch painting that was hanging at 8th Generation. (It's the top painting in the photo in my last blog). And I'm pleased to have large-scale reproductions in a canvas wrap, up to 60", available of the winter birch. This one, 48", looks fantastic! It could be yours for $350!

I'm also working on my first mixed media with acrylic and texture given by embedded tissue and drywall paste. It's of a moonlit lighthouse and I think it's going to turn out really well. Once it's finished I'll post a photo.

One of the joys of living in the Okanagan is the amazing amount of art and music and culture to be found. Last week I was out almost every night at one event or another, from internationally renowned encaustic artists talking about their work and path, to two art shows that I participated in, to a presentation about Medecins sans Frontiers by a fellow who is a logistics manager for their work in entire countries. Not to mention a regular life drawing evening that I've been attending regularly, and I think my figure work is coming along quite nicely. I should post a few of my drawings from there too--maybe next time.

All that and I've been preparing for the Studio Tour weekend November 2 and 3, by helping with promotions--come on out! I've now been to about half of the 15 studios on the tour and they are all beautifully presented and such a great variety of artists!

Ten local (ie Trout Creek only) artists got together in early September for an artist-only (well, there were a couple of followers) "Progressive Appetizer/Studio Tour". Can you imagine--5 studios each of 2 evenings, appetizers and drinks at each one, and we walked between all of them? It was an amazing experience--everyone so different in their work, and such a success! 8th Generation Winery heard about it and want to make it a bigger event with their participation, and add musicians, sometime next year!

Speaking of next year, my 2014 Calendars are here, and going fast. If you want one, let me know quickly as I think they may sell through before Christmas. Here's a photo of the cover page:

Thought you also might like to see a photo of my little giraffe print that has gone for a trip to its new home in Chicago:

Isn't it cute? I have started to collect ideas for January's printmaking course in Australia--if you have any suggestions let me know! I'm very pleased that some of my prints are starting to sell. They are quite small so very easy to frame and just about anyone can find room for a little piece somewhere.

Well, that's the life of an artist, in brief. I'm kind of liking it! Next up, a trip to Ontario, where last time I was fortunate enough to meet Robert Bateman, the well-known Canadian naturalist painter. This time I'm hoping my favourite band Blue Rodeo springs a surprise concert to celebrate their new album...or maybe I'll get to the Art Gallery of Ontario & see the Group of Seven collection, and ask them what Toni Onley or Emily Carr paintings they have on display.

When I come back it'll be straight into the Studio Tour weekend, and Christmas sales. Stay posted!