Elaine Watts
Watercolourist and Printmaker
28 Aug 2018 - 29 Sep 2018 Inspired By Category: Show/Exhibit Price: 295.00 Other smaller unframed works also available Venue: Summerland Art Gallery
Pleased to announce that I have 2 works in the very amazing "Inspired By" show in Summerland Art Gallery in partnership with the 3rd Annual George Ryga festival. Works of art are paired with a piece of writing, all anonymous until the opening reception which was held Tuesday August 29.
I submitted the painting below which was inspired by this delightful piece by Beth Haggerty:

It was an intimate space:
the touch,
the glance,
the breathless speech.
Unspoken words--no need; expressions said it all.
A light touch, a gentle caress, the lean-in; thighs aligned, elbows abutted.
A quick head-shake; hair tossed with eyebrows raised and scrunched, while soft whispers were sprinkled with giggles and laughter.
The glorious wonder of special friends and two spoons scooped in ice-cream: a shared treat.

It came fully into fruition in Petershof, Russia, at Catherine the Great's Summer Palace, when I saw a gorgeous gilt fountain statue of two mermaids blowing horns to entice sailors. Change the horns to ice cream cones, add a baseball cap, and I was happy to visually replicate the lovely twist of the writing in a visual fashion. And you know how I love to paint mermaids!
This piece is for sale framed, and I have several smaller preliminary works available as well. Pm me if interested!
This incredible show with 70 works is well worth a very long visit to take them all in. On until September 29th.