Elaine Watts
Watercolourist and Printmaker

Dawn at Curl Curl

Watercolour, 11" X 15"

The August image in my 2010 Desk Calendar

I'll always remember the morning of this photo. It was at the end of one of my Australian sojourns and this was my last morning. My cousin lived near the famous Northern Beaches in Sydney and was taking me to the airport but first, we headed down, at dawn, for a last body-surf at Curl Curl (yes, that is a name--trust the Aussies to call things as they see them and this is definitely a curling surf beach!). It was a gorgeous morning, and we surfed quite a few waves before it was time to shower and head to the airport for the long flight back to Vancouver. My body remembered that surf for the whole trip and since then I try to fit in a body-surf immediately before heading back to Canada.