Elaine Watts
Watercolourist and Printmaker

Saint Paul's United Church, Milton Ontario

Watercolour & Ink


When I was visiting Ontario in October, I got a great photo of my sister-in-law's 100+ year old church on the main street of Milton. It's an old heritage building that has come upon hard times--the congregation was raising money to fix up the kitchens and replace the slate roof when they were told that the sanctuary was structurally unsound and needed over $1 million to repair it. Then there was a fire inside and the firemen had to knock out some of the large stained glass windows to get it out. No one seems to have the money or willpower to get the work done, between the congregation, the town, the province and it's quite an issue. A developer has proposed saving the main church if they can have some of the land for putting housing on but that idea hasn't been passed yet either. To make matters worse another similar aged church down the street a few blocks has found itself in a similar situation so now there are two beautiful churches in Milton that have their main centre of worship barred off until a solution can be found.